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Engagement Methodology

It is very much essential for the companies to be enriched with high-end IT solutions, keeping in eye the creative business solutions. If you are looking for similar solutions as explained above, Shatkone becomes the best recommendation. Shatkone is a team of experts that can assist businesses in handling the challenges of Information Technology ecosystem, in a hassle-free way and with minimal downtime.

Being an experienced house of ITR solution provider, the company has been distinguishing in terms of its approach. Key to Shatkone’s success has been its customer centric approach that has been putting the client requirements and expectations ahead of everything else. Be it about strategizing a project, or executing it, Shatkone ensures the client wishes stay ahead of all. Moreover, Shatkone promises about the success, that a very few IT service providers manage to do in contemporary times.

The company employs the EnablePath Agile Methodology that focuses on the delivery of production-ready functional mechanism at each step.


The EnablePath Agile Methodology is the iterative project approach that focuses on the delivery of production-ready functional components at the end of each iteration. The Agile Methodology incorporates flexibility and adaptability into the project approach while still providing structure and quality.

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