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Content Management Services

What Makes Shatkone A Stand-Out Name For CMS SERVICES?

Content management is no more limited within just making content updates; it has direct impacts on business returns these days. In fact, with growing number of content requirements for contemporary business strategies, managing these (contents) is not as easy as it is perceived. Hence, most of the companies look for a specialist content management service provider like Shatkone to take care of these aspects.

For All-Out CMS Needs

Shatkone through its explicit six dimensional approaches has managed to be a flawless content management service provider. The exclusive strategy has been effective in terms of improvement of team collaboration and smooth access to intellectual capital. One can expect a huge range of open source solutions for different aspects of content management, along with the excellence of offering user-friendly and productive CMS solution for the businesses. The best part about Shatkone has been its technical excellence that has enabled the company in smooth management of projects. Shatkone CMS can proficiently assist a team to showcase its contents in an optimized fashion, at minimal expense possible.

At Shatkone Consulting Pvt Ltd, our dedicated CMS teams focus on providing clients with innovative and user friendly open source content management solutions that are custom designed to meet your specific business requirements. Our technical prowess in open source CMS solutions allows us to easily manage projects of any complexity. Our content management services can efficiently help your team optimize its information with a huge saving in cost and time at each point in the information lifecycle.

CMS Services Offered

Shatkone CMS services fulfill business data requirements to enable them in taking right decisions that can improve their ROI. Being an all-inclusive service provider, Shatkone can help you regarding whole range of CMS selection, structure development, execution, support, to consistent improvement.

Shatkone CMS projects includes multilingual website with global impact, intranet and knowledge management portals, Client Extranets and Membership sites, web based communities and social platforms, micro-blogs for brand and lead generation, and intuitive web application development.

On a whole, Shatkone consulting always aims at providing CMS solutions that can provide the client with complete hilt over the website. The in-house team of web content management develop user-friendly interface that lets a user in handling the websites with greater perfection.

Our CMS projects include:

  • Multilingual Websites with Global Reach
  • Intranets and Knowledge Management Portals
  • Client Extranets and Membership Sites
  • Online Communities and Social Networking
  • Micro sites for Brand Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Interactive and Engaging Web Applications

Web Content Management (WCM) Services

For a website to be effective and informational in the long run, companies have to ensure that the content is accurate, relevant, current, consistent and easy to search. To make this happen, it has become pertinent for organization of any size to have a well devised web content management system to handle and organize a huge, diverse set of web content such as text, images, audio/video, and other HTML content.
Shatkone Consulting Pvt Ltd offers web content management solutions that put you in control of your website. Our WCM experts create user friendly interface that enables users to manage or contribute to websites more easily, making their time available for more value-added technical work.

Most Referred Name for ECMS Services

Shatkone has been a reputed name for enterprise content management services being technically enriched enough for effective management, distribution, security and storage of data business intellectual properties. Key behind envious success of Shatkone has been its strategic approach. This is also the reason that the company has been able in taking the employee collaboration over the globe, providing them the smooth and quick access to the company’s intellectual knowledge capital.

The content management experts of the company can help in developing customized solutions, in accordance with your business requirements explicitly. Naturally, this can help the client in being more assured about achieving the desired ROI. It’s the immense experience of the experts here that has made it possible for development of such high-end solutions.


Best Platform for All-Round WordPress Solution:

Considering the growing popularity of WordPress, Shatkone has one of the best teams of WordPress developers with huge experience under their belt. They can assist you in whole range of CMS based solutions, starting from fundamental blogs to high-end database-driven web applications. When it comes about developing the customized plug-ins, Shatkone holds the expert’s reputation. Starting from WordPress setup to customization, one can expect everything in the best way.

No matter how challenging WordPress task it is, be it about Payment gateway integration, social media integration, custom wordpress theme development, programming the psd-ready designs in to WordPress theme, or just about developing the customized wordpress plug-ins, Shatkone can fix it in the best fashion. Well, not just WordPress, Shatkone has been equally noteworthy about Joomla CMS development as well.

A Pioneer Name in CMS World:

It is here to note that Shatkone holds more than twenty years of experience about Content Management Services. In other words, it can be claimed that the company has been providing the service, since the inception of the business. Naturally thus, Shatkone has been a stand-out performer, staying way ahead of the competitors.

Technology Used

Content requirements have increased significantly in recent times considering their growing impact upon the digital marketing strategies. Maintaining the contents and upgrading those according to the client demand is never really an easy task, if the CMS is not good as WordPress. Anyway, WordPress CMS development is quite technical that needs to be handled by only the experienced professionals.
Shatkone Consulting Pvt Ltd can be the perfect WordPress CMS solution provider, powered by its immense experience. Its unique six dimensional strategies, along with an experienced and enriched technical team handled these tasks with perfection.

Our WordPress development services include:

  • WordPress setup and customization
  • User Management
  • Third party Social Media integration (Tumblr, Soundcloud, Live person chat, Constant Contact)
  • Payment gateway integration (PayPal, eWay)
  • WordPress integration (blog setup) with an existing website
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Programming of psd-ready designs into WordPress themes
  • WordPress plug-ins development, customization, integration and installation
  • WordPress updates, backup and troubleshooting

Content Management System development is one of the pretty growing tasks in present time. With increasing interest towards blogging and digital marketing, these demands are obvious to grow. On this context, they demand the best CMS developer that can deliver customized solutions. To be specific, there is a great demand currently for the Joomla CMS.

Anyone looking for Joomla CMS solution, no matter with how customized the features are, Shatkone can be the best answer. This renowned CMS developer is specially reputed about Joomla development.

Our Joomla CMS services include:

  • Joomla configuration and maintenance
  • Template creation and customisation
  • Component, module, plug-in customization and creation
  • Third party tool integration (IPB, Brightcove, Newsfeed)
  • Website maintenance service
  • osCommerce integration and customization
  • Third party API integration
  • Joomla security monitoring and services
  • Website upgradation and migration
  • Technical support services (Authorised .NET, eWay, PayPal)

Why Choose Shatkone Consulting Pvt Ltd as your CMS partner?

Our WordPress development services include:

  • Cumulative industry experience of 20+ years by senior management.
  • Successfully delivered over 100+ projects in diverse industries across globe.
  • Access to user-friendly CMS solutions, backed with development, testing and maintenance services.
  • Process oriented & well-defined development methodologies for timely delivery within given budget.
  • Training and consultation to support a successful web project, including workshops, one-on-one sessions and training manuals.
  • 24 x7 communications with onsite team. Regular meetings, review and feedback sessions for project quality control.
  • You choose your team from our highly experienced CMS Developers with excellent knowledge of latest technologies to optimize the client’s business process.


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