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Online Content Creation

CMS Evident the most advanced online content creation standard through Shatkone

It is said that content is king of the digital arena. Any digital marketing strategy can only get empowered if it has quality content. Along with creative and informative content, it needs to be properly keyword optimized as well for the best result. In short, your online content preparing company needs to be experienced enough about digital marketing trends, it should be having excellent team of creative writers, at the same time should be resourced with high-end technicalities.

Shatkone Consulting Pvt Litd meets all the above characteristics in the best fashion. Powered by its 20+ years of experience, it understands the market better than anyone else. Shatkone employs a unique six dimensional strategy that enables it in making the client site ahead of the rivals.

Shatkone’s strategy involves short listing the keywords, conducting proper topic research, writing informative and catchy article/content, proofreading it thoroughly, posting it over the blogs/websites, posting it to the email lists, posting over the social networks, and ultimately tracking its performance.

The best part about Shatkone is that here the marketing, technical, and creative team work in proper co-ordination with each other, which is a reason that perfection can be assured every time for the clients.


This makes it very important to control what how your company is being projected online. The best way to do it is by making sure that your website, social platforms, blog etc have consumer friendly information written in easy and informative manner. The idea is to help customers make an informed decision, no matter wherever they are in the buying cycle. Right content helps you reach the decision maker directly and increase your business revenue substantially by a high conversion rate.


We would be a perfect addition to your team! If you wish to engage our efficient and experienced team of technicians exclusively for your SEO or SMM needs, then please email your resource requirements to

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