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Mobile Application Services


Mobile application is one of the lucrative business ideas these days. It gets a way lot easier for a product or service to reach its potential customer if it is accessed through the smartphone. Things have gone even more encouraging these days through growing usage of smartphones. However, it is equally important at the same time that the mobile application developer should be efficient enough in developing customized solution for all devices. Shatkone is a perfect example of a resourced house as explained above.

Mobile app solutions for all platforms:

Having experience of more than 20 years, Shatkone indeed has the best product understanding than anyone else. It understands how to optimize a mobile application that can meet the contemporary business demands with perfection. Distinguishing part about Shatkone is its ability to develop mobile apps for all platforms, starting from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, to Windows Mobile with perfection. It employs a unique six dimensional strategy that can confront each aspect of the business with perfection.

Resourced with high-end technicalities:

Shatkone is known as one of the most resourced houses for mobile application development, being enriched with high-end tools. These high-end technicalities don’t just make development process faster, but also encourage the developers about coming up with more creative and high-end solutions. Naturally, productivity of the company increases when you are blessed with enhanced technicalities that can enhance development rate. No matter it’s about having custom built mobile applications for business groups, or the personalized apps, Shatkone can assure about ultimate output in all manners. Shatkone has a special wing that remains busy in discovering latest mobile technologies.

Talking about services, starting from executing a company’s own strategy to recommending them the mobile based solutions (for both product and service based companies), mobile app development and maintenance, domain based mobile solutions, to testing, Shatkone has been the one-stop destination for whole range of mobile based solutions.

Needless is to talk about the popularity of iPhone apps. Starting from 6 years kid to 60 years old, everyone is a fan of iOS and its apps. Naturally thus the leading platform has been one of the most favorite for business groups to have their apps. No matter it is about a product based app or a service based, developing it for iOS can indeed make it available among the millions. But, it’s a fact at the same time that iOS development is the most challenging in comparison with the others. One needs an expert group of developers as of Shatkone to fulfill the demands.

Shatkone is a more than 20 years experienced company that has served many well known client groups regarding their various iPhone requirements. The six dimensional approaches it employs, powered by high-end mobile technologies have been phenomenal in delivering customized iOS apps every time. It’s been equally trustworthy for testing of iOS apps as well.

We begin the actual application development process, after the completion of concept development research. Leveraging the best of Apple’s technologies, our iPhone application developers build a tightly-integrated development environment that makes integrating animation, networking, appearance and behavior to applications easier.

iPhone Solutions:

  • Custom Application Development Services
  • Widget Development Services
  • Mobile Web Development Services
  • Porting and Migration
  • Augmented Reality App Services
  • Software QA and Testing Services
  • Software Support and Maintenance

Android being the largest used mobile platforms is obvious to hold the potential for driving maximum attention through its apps. This is the reason that every businessman wants to have an android based mobile application. But, considering the growing competition involved with android app development, one needs a developer that can make the product stand-out among the crowd. Shatkone can be exactly the efficient android app development house as talked above, to deliver you the most accomplishing solution.

Shatkone through its unique six dimensional strategies has been phenomenal about android development. Be it about Android SDK platform development, mobile ecommerce development, graphic and animation development, location based services, multimedia application, integrated ERP solution, utility application, or just anything customized, Shatkone can guarantee about best outcome from one place. Moreover, its 20+ years of experience enables it in delivering solutions exactly in accordance with the client’s budget.

Our mobile solutions through Android spans simple to complex applications where we create innovative, dynamic applications for diverse usability that operate in high-tech mobile gadgets.

Faster, interactive and superior mobile applications are the trademark of our Android application development team!

Android Solutions

  • Android SDK platform
  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Location based Services
  • Multimedia Application
  • Integration with ERP application
  • Web Services
  • Sensors
  • Utility Applications

Windows operating system is one of the most popular platforms for smartphone devices. There is a huge user base available for these devices. It’s been one of the bankable platforms for the business owners to build their product/service app on. However, it’s true at the same time that very few developers today can provide accomplishing mobile based solution for windows platform.

Shatkone has been one of the most noteworthy windows app developers. Its six dimensional approaches have been phenomenal for business success. The best part, Shatkone can provide all-inclusive solution under one roof. Starting from seamless data connectivity application development, utility app development, media enhancement application development, developing applications with rich API support (Bluetooth), to pocket outlook managers and enhancements for Microsoft Office Mobile, Shatkone provides all solution from one store.

Windows Mobile Solutions:

  • Seamless data connectivity apps
  • Utility apps
  • Media enhancement apps
  • Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth)
  • Pocket Outlook managers and enhancements for Microsoft Office Mobile

We would be a perfect addition to your team! If you wish to engage our efficient and experienced team of technicians exclusively for your mobile applications needs, then please email your resource requirements to .

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