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Website Design Services


A website is not just a formality for any venture to have a presence over the web. It’s about the presentation of a company’s excellence in a creative fashion. There is no vibrant way of showcasing a company’s distinction in a better way than the websites. One can tell about the complete story of his/her venture, starting from its history, background, success stories, products, services, testimonials, to the factors making them the best. In other words, it’s possible to handle everything through a website, starting from customer creation, client meeting, feedback addressing, marketing, to selling. Hence, it’s imperative for a website to be designed in nothing less than the best way.

Being a prominent house for web designing services, Shatkone understands the above needs thoroughly and executes with perfection through its works. Its six dimensional approaches address each factor, starting from user experience, high-end features, minimal loading time, security, creative look, to data presentation that makes a website flawless. It’s a one-stop center for whole range of web design needs, starting from responsive web design, UI design, content management, server migration, template design, mobile UI design, Flash website design, Web 2.0 design, payment gateway, logo, banner, animation, to corporate broacher design with perfection.



  • User Interface and User Experience Design
  • Interactivity, Access and Navigation
  • Marketing and Communications Design
  • Page Layout Techniques and Typography
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Original work every time
  • Design excellence
  • 10 years of experience
  • Cultivated Brand and product/service sensibilities
  • Highly skilled team with extensive experience
  • Delivery excellence and quality control tools
  • Remote assistance and support
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